A warm Welcome from Julek Kreutzer and Diethild Meier, curators of A.PART 2020!



The A.PART Festival goes for the second round!

AND: it will be WILD! We wake sleeping lions. We celebrate hesitation. We accompany mothers on a walk. We play with puppets. We imagine the imminent extinction of our kind. We negotiate the stability of instability. We think of cowboys and point our toes. We think of animals that hatch and shed their skin. We explore outbursts of anger. We transform into cormorants. We think of how to turn our parents’ home into an artist residency. We consider writing a children’s book. We hug houseplants while we dance in sign language.

Since last year, two of ada Studio's most successful event series – “S.o.S. - Students on Stage” and “Alumni.Tanz.Berlin” – have been united under the umbrella of A.PART in a diverse festival: Each year in May, students and graduates of Berlin's institutions for contemporary dance education present solo and group works of their own creation.


Berlin has a lot to offer when it comes to dance education: there is the Dance Academy balance 1, Die Etage, the Berlin Dance Institute, the Dance Intensive Program of Tanzfabrik Berlin, the three degree-programs at the Inter-University Center for Dance, the Seneca Intensive, and not to forget Flying Steps and Motions, which specialize in other contemporary forms such as urban dance and show dance.

How many of these programs are known to the Berlin audience? What characterizes these training programs, what distinguishes them from each other, what do they have in common?

We certainly did not know – and are dazzled, surprised, and excited considering the quantity and variety of offers – so many different ideas about bodies, about choreography, about creative work, and about a dance artist's professional profile!

We, in this case, refers to Diethild Meier and Julek Kreutzer, the new curating team of the A.PART Festival. For this first edition curated by us, we have invited 16 dance projects by students and alumni to put together an explosive and colorful program to be presented at ada Studio—This year though, things turned out differently than planned. 

Due to the ‘social distancing measures’ in times of the COVID-19 pandemic, we decided to shift A.PART into virtual space. Over the coming four weeks, all participating artists of this year’s edition will share and open up their creative processes on a blog. Like this, we put an emphasis on ‘research’ as opposed to ‘spectacle’. As curators of this festival, as artists, and as human beings thrown into this experiment, we wonder: How does this shift affect our practices? How do we ‘do’ performance art without the physical presence of performers and audience? How can we keep on supporting each other and provide a space for sharing?


Artists work constantly. Oftentimes practices and ideas are developed regardless of funding situations, recognition, and representation. So also in the current times.

By exposing the processes we align with a variety of culture-political claims discussed in the city of Berlin for the past two years. Artistic work does not limit itself to the event of a performance. We take the opportunity to show what working processes can look like.

In English, apart means: separated, isolated. In German, though, it means striking, distinguished, strange and attractive. The word apart in our festival’s name takes on a new dimension now: We are separated from each other, many of us are isolated in our homes. That doesn’t take away the opportunity to share and communicate with each other and the world—in our own bizarre and special way, even if it’s unpolished and chaotic.

We don't even try to make comparisons, conceptual connections, or create an aesthetic line. We place one next to the other, mix and match, and celebrate the diversity of Berlin's dance education.

Take a walk on our festival blog and join us on this adventure: